Hash Tag Nation

Kaunda walks by the newspaper stand picks his daily paper stops at the shoe shiner and sits for the sleek look. He flips through the paper as waits skimming through the day’s highlights. When done he walks quickly to his office behind his desk puts on his computer and gets ready for the days ran. Login to twitter, login to Gmail, login to the staff email, login to Facebook and finally open yesterday’s half-finished report. Behind his desk he reads through the trending topic for the day. Behind his desk he gets to vent out at politicians and persons of interest. Behind his desk he gets emotional about the important and the frivolous. Behind his desk he interacts with high and mighty. Behind his desk he gets tickets to that concert. Behind his desk he has friends and followers. Behind his desk he is a hash tag citizen.

The cyber world has had phenomenal growth and its dominant master these days is called #. A classification of tweets and topics which are similar. An easier way to interact with a face but faceless. Each of us techies yearning to know more and learn more. #nation.

A powerful interactive phenomenon that gets things done. That makes corporates millions. That highlights societal evils. That gives positive response. The only way people talk these days. #nation.

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