My Home scents

My everyday scents now include, baked goodies, masala tea,honest reflection, exercise sweat, my kids happy chatter, barbecue chicken, chapati in pumpkin, pineapples, time and honey glazed pork. This was not intentional but, the life we are in makes us stocking good vitamin C to build immunity as we wait out the pandemic.

The scent from the honest reflection usually begins with with good old perfume, before it dissolves into, what more can I do at the moment scent, then how I am supposed to do that scent, then I shall mull on this a bit more then finally no scent at all.

My kids chatter uplifts my senses as I marvel at God’s gift.

woman girl silhouette jogger
Photo by Pixabay on

Such a welcome distraction as I read every email that comes to my inbox. The exercise sweat is just the best evidence of effort necessary to keep the body and time going.

All these scents selected to move the days into the better future.

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