Information Knows no Distance

“Thump thump”, the feet marched on to the villages. Today was Ann’s first day of the county rapid response towards the pandemic management. The first village was to be visited between 800 hrs and 1000 hrs. The village elders awaited her arrival. She had covered 2 kms so far and had 2 more to go. The sun had already started its burning sensation at the top of her head as she constantly adjusted her hat to aerate it.Each village she was to visit was distance of 4 kilometers of walking distance. She wished she had  hailed a boda boda, but the fear of contracting the virus kept her off.

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She had reached her first village

“Good morning “, She greeted the elders. “Good morning Daktari,” they responded.

“I am here to educate you about the new disease that has come”, she started,” please gather around all the adults in the village.” The elders shifted uneasily and the head of the group stated. “We are all here.”

Ann scanned around and spotted three women tending to their houses a few feet away. Pointing at them she asked, “what about them?” The elder looked in the direction and responded, “they are busy at the moment, we can afterwards give them the information you give us.” Not satisfied with the response she said, “this is a matter concerning  everyone please ask them to come for a few minutes”.

Seeing that the elders were reluctant to call them, Ann walked towards the women.

“Good morning”, she called, “please come over under the tree we have a short discussion”. The women did not move.

She then went closer and said,”There is a bad disease that has come that I need to sensitize you about. This disease will affect everyone including you and your children if it is not contained. I need to teach you a few things about it. This is a serious matter”.

The women now listening attentively came closer to her and one of them said. “Could you teach us separately from them. It is not proper for use to sit together.” Ann released her breath in frustration thinking of the amount of time that would be used up training two groups and the distance she was yet to cover to the next village. It was going to be along day. But her commitment to the course drove her passion.She then came to a decision.

She said, “Very well I will start with you”. She then chose a a spot under the tree and called for the women to join her. Eight showed, and she began her demonstrative training. The elders looked on in wonder.

To be continued…

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