Being an 80’s baby I grew up listening to sound music being played through my father’s coveted video disc player. Being little tots we never knew how valuable that gadget was, so we would play it like a toy until one day the music stopped. It was broken.

Next my father bought a radio which would play compact cassettes. The cassettes he had were equally coveted. The music then was a mix of s music from African vocalist,local  produced at that time and a bit of early 90’s western pop. This music always played loudly when my father was around lifting the mood in the house.He liked good music and whisky.  What I did not know is that this kind of music appealed to my ear.

Fast forward to late 90’sand early 2000’s rap and hip hop took over my ears as I entered into the years of awakening and maturity. This was quickly replaced by pop rock and R n B which, I listened to faithful while in university. I bought my first radio during this time which has been my faithful companion for fourteen years now.that A reminder of freedom and promise. Freedom that education provided my mind and the promise of a better future. That radio, gave me pleasure.I slept listening to late night music and woke up to worship music. Each genre quenching my ambitions.


Until recently I never knew how that radio, the music cassettes and programmes shaped my university life. Music still lifts up my mood and gets my little ones jumping in joy.

Lets play some uplifting music today folks. In music we smile!

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